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Hi, I'm John,  a seasoned, qualified Executive Coach & Coaching Supervisor. What's on your mind?
I help you be your best self - no matter what you are grappling with.


I believe that having rich life, business and personal development experience and education are essential grounding for effective coaching so, over the years, I have learned a few things about transformational change, growth, leading and helping others succeed :
I started out as a Corporate Lawyer and soon got fascinated by strategy so I moved my career into Organisation Change Consulting to big, complex organisations. How people, teams and and whole organisation systems change and adapt has fascinated me ever since.  As HR Director in a FTSE 100 plc, I led the line through major structural, culture and commercial change.  The critical role of Leadership was a central focus for me and I spent a number of years consulting to business leaders internationally enabling them to lead more effectively in our VUCA world.  For the past 10 + years, I have specialised as a professional Executive Coach working with leaders and senior professionals in UK, Europe and North America.  I have trained many leaders to coach and provide Coaching Supervision to new and experienced executive coaches.  I take my professional development seriously:  I work with leaders and coaches 'below the surface' therefore my practice is underpinned by depth psychological training and experience.


About Me

One to One executive coaching for Leaders 

Bring Your Best Self to the Table no matter what you are grappling with

We human beings have immense resources: often more than we realise. When we try to be what others want us to be, we try hard but change little. As soon as we become more of who we really are and work with our strengths, we create immense potential for change, growth and performance.  You may be grappling with a business challenge, difficult relationship, stepping into a new role, broadening from subject-matter-expert to business leader, looking for your next challenge or simply have a sense that a space for reflection or thinking out loud will enhance your capability for your current or your next role.  I don't expect you to be precisely clear about what you are looking for before we speak.  Trust and professionalism are important to me so if I don't think I can be of service, I'll say so.  Coaching packages are tailored to your current needs: many clients choose 6 x 90 minute sessions over 6 months either face-to-face or via video technology.       

individual and group supervision for executive Coaches 

A safe space to be yourself, reflect and grow:  for you:  for your clients  

You may be starting out as a professional coach and looking to enhance your knowledge and skills: understand yourself and your clients better;  discern deeper dynamics; broaden and deepen your range.  Equally, you may already be a skilled and successful practitioner, well-established in your practice and looking for the deepening and integration that becomes wisdom.

As coaches, we engage in intimate, complex and challenging work with clients and we rightly allow ourselves to be affected by them and their challenges.  We serve no-one if we carry this on our own.

My intention is to create a safe space to pause, reflect, and connect more deeply with the support of an experienced colleague(s).  Reflecting together on what is of interest to you and your practice: bringing curiosity, understanding and appreciation for strengths and successes as well as uncertainty, blind spots, vulnerabilities, emotions and embodied sensations that shape how we experience the world.   1 to 1 packages are tailored to your unique needs.  I also offer ongoing supervision groups: commonly groups of 4 over 3 hours offers a good balance of space, individual depth and generative diversity that only groups can.  

one to one bespoke personal and professional

Leading can be a lonely business - we all need a trusted confidante 

Despite what we read in textbooks, and are spoon fed in many business schools, there is no single formula for being an effective leader: people, organisations and the world we live in are just too complex, interdependent and unpredictable. Leaders I work with are sceptical of  'experts' selling you a 'silver bullet' (e.g. the answer is culture / structure / strategy change or the latest 5 step model).  As a leader, you are on stage most of the time, dealing with relentless pressure and multiple, fast moving issues.  I create a pit-stop: a confidential space to pause, get it off your chest, reflect, tap into your head heart and gut instincts, think out loud unconstrained by politics, conventional wisdom or the need to be on stage. My job is to listen, really listen, without judgement, understand and create conditions that connect you with your own deepest insights.  A safe space to discover, know, experiment, act with confidence.     


When we try to be what others want us to be, we get stuck. When we become more of who we really are, we create immense potential for game-changing growth. 

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